Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in Behavioral Science

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine is seeking applicants for an Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in Behavioral Science. The successful candidate will be expected to work with an interdisciplinary team of educators from other basic science disciplines and clinical faculty to develop and implement behavioral and social science teaching in an innovative medical education curriculum. The School of Medicine recognizes outstanding and innovative teaching, scholarship/research and service as a basis for promotion and tenure.

General Responsibilities:

1. Provide instruction in the behavioral and social sciences in various settings including classroom, clinic, community and online. Generate curricular materials for instructional activities

2. Coordinate and integrate instructional activities and curricular materials with other faculty to enhance the learning experience for students. Interdisciplinary work experience in clinical settings with relevance to social, psychological, literacy and ethical contexts of healthcare practice is highly valued

3. Use and promote best practices in education. Provide mentoring, training and support for other faculty to improve instruction across the curriculum and encourage adoption of improved instructional techniques

4. Establish learning objectives to meet required standards of competence for undergraduate medical students. Contribute to curriculum development to enhance course content and improve student assessments in undergraduate and graduate medical education as needed

5. Develop and implement effective remediation processes for students identified as performing below established standards to assure student academic success

6. Maintain personal expertise in discipline content, and improve instructional skills through participation in faculty development activities and self-directed learning

7. Participate in scholarly activity in areas of expertise and collaborate in scholarly activity in medical education. Scholarly activities may include: the advancement of new theories, practices and principles, the expansion and interpretation of existing ideas, the development of educational resources, more traditional forms of research, or the improvement and application of knowledge, especially in new settings

8. Submit scholarly work for open dissemination and professional peer review. Submit grant applications and develop potential for funded research projects

9. Perform administrative duties, including service on standing committees of the medical school, as negotiated and assigned

Applications for all ranks are encouraged and will be evaluated on the potential to succeed in the considered rank. Evidence of prior experience in post-bac education in the following areas will provide support for favorable evaluations:

A. Curriculum development and assessment

B. Effective teaching

C. Scholarly activity suitable to a medical school setting

D. Commitment to diverse and inclusive workplaces

A Ph.D., Psy.D, D.N.P., M.D. or D.O. degree in a field related to Social and/or Behavioral Science, broadly defined (e.g. Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, Anthropology, Social work, Ethics, Nursing)

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