Healthcare Recruiting: How to Attract the Top Healthcare Professionals to Your Practice

Dec 11, 2018

Dec 11, 2018

The healthcare industry is the largest employer in the United States. With such a large industry, comes a lot of competition when it comes to recruiting the best job candidates. 

When people go looking for a position, they want to be connected with a practice that cares about their needs, will schedule them fairly, and will pay them at a competitive rate. 

If you don't highlight the positive aspects of your practice and the efforts that you make as a business to work with your employees, then you could be missing out on highly qualified job candidates. 

Don't limit the depth of your own talent pool, show potential candidates just how much you care. Read on for tips on attracting top talent during your healthcare recruiting efforts today. 

How to Find the Most Enthusiastic Candidates

Getting high-quality candidates to respond to your job posting begins with attracting enthusiastic candidates who want to put their best foot forward. It all starts with the wording of your job listing.

If a potential employee sees your post and reads words like "supportive environment", "onsite childcare", and "generous paid time off", then they will be more likely to click on your posting and appeal to you to consider them for your position.

But if you leave all of those details out of your listing, then people are not going to want to put as much effort into applying for your opening. Learn more about recruiting enthusiastic candidates.

Advertise Your Technology

The healthcare industry is one of the most innovative markets on the planet. Every day new methods and medications are developed to deal with debilitating diseases. 

When you have a practice, if you want the best employees, you need to stay at the forefront of technology and give your employees the opportunity to work with the latest tech in the game.

This type of experience is valuable to them in the long run as part of their career path helping them to continue their education and expand their skillset and motivated employees will appreciate the opportunity to advance and grow.

Brand Your Practice

Your practice is a lot more than a collection of doctors, nurses, and support personnel. It is a place of healing and help for the members of your community with its own unique mission of service. 

Make sure that you demonstrate this mission in your branding materials for potential job candidates to show that you realize you have a responsibility to your community and take this role seriously.

Anyone who goes into the healthcare industry does so because they have a big heart for healing and want to make a difference. Show that you have the same values.

Create Great Benefits

Working in a large industry, the top talent in healthcare has a lot of options when it comes to where they want to work. But your business can get ahead of the curb by accruing a great list of benefits to advertise to potential employees. 

Of course, you have to start with a great health care package. You can supplement that package with time off for themselves as well as their children's potential illnesses and throw in the opportunity for vacation days.

Other great benefits that have become standard in the workplace are dental plans, vision insurance, retirement options, health club memberships, investment options, and continued education opportunities.

By putting together a great benefits package, you ensure that you don't let qualified candidates look past your advertisement. But there is an additional benefit to your overall branding as a business as well.

Today your benefits package can often become public information through the services of websites like This gives the public an additional place to turn when they are gathering information on your practice and showing the public that you value your employees will give them more faith in you as a practice to care for them.

Show Candidates Their Potential Pipelines

The healthcare industry has a lot of different opportunites for advancement. While many of them require additional schooling, others are just a matter of enough on the job training and the care of a patient teacher. 

Show potential employees that you will take an interest in their education and offer them opportunities to move forward in their careers if you want the best of the bunch to be happy to march through your halls.

You should be able to demonstrate the career paths others in your practice have taken to advance and give hope for a brighter future to potential applicants.

Use Alumni Resources to Source from Universities

One of the best sources of great new employees is your existing staff. Consider taking some time to allow your team to visit their university's career fair to appeal to students to apply to your company.

While this may take time away from some of your other efforts, if you allow people to go on a rotating basis, then you won't find the process very disruptive to your practice and the return on your investment can be immense.

Recent graduates are some of the most motivated and dedicated employees you can find since they feel they have something to prove. And by sending your existing employees, you are demonstrating to potential applicants that you recognize the value of your team and respect where they came from.

More Healthcare Recruiting Advice for Enterprises and Candidates

Now that you know how to make the most of your healthcare recruiting efforts as a business, you're ready to get out there and attract the best candidates.

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