5 Nurse Essentials You Should Have in Your Bag

Oct 4, 2018

Oct 4, 2018

Nine percent of the total population of America chooses healthcare as a career. And those people know better than anyone that certain careers -- doctors, nurses, those who help and heal -- don't ever have downtime.

A surgeon might be called to the hospital at three in the morning for an emergency. A nurse might work twenty-four hours straight because the person on the next shift has the flu and he can't just leave. Even your primary care physician -- that doctor you usually associate with routine checkups at an office -- may have to sprint out the door in the middle of dinner to meet a patient at the hospital.

And when you're a doctor or a nurse, your job starts sneaking into the rest of your life. Your home first aid kit is more well-stocked than it has any right to be. Your purse holds a collection of more nurse essentials than credit cards or old receipts or lipstick tubes.

You Might Be a Nurse If...

If you're a nurse, you're probably looking at your purse with a sense of resignation right now. You could stock, at the least, an emergency clinic with the contents of your bag. Here are five nurse essentials you could find right now in that purse if you looked -- and if you don't have these five items, you should make a shopping list.

1. Some ID

You've probably got a whole wallet full of pieces of plastic proclaiming who you are -- a driver's license, an access card for your office building, a drugstore loyalty card. But a nurse probably should have something a little more detailed on his or her person.

Carry identification cards detailing any prescriptions you take, allergies you suffer, and other important health information. If you need to rush to the emergency room, but you're not in a position to divulge your entire medical history, it'll give the staff someplace to start.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Your workplace may have hand sanitizer stations around every corner, but the rest of the world hasn't quite caught up to the healthcare system yet. You know better than most that germs are everywhere, so it's important to carry hand sanitizer around.

Your friends may tease you for using hand sanitizer left and right, but you'll have the last laugh when flu season comes around. Nobody wants to spend the holidays buying the drugstore's entire stock of cough drops and Kleenex.

3. Band-Aids and Neosporin

Girl Scouts and nurses everywhere know one thing above all: it pays to be prepared. Whether your spouse cuts a hand with a kitchen knife or a child scrapes their knees falling off a bike, you're always ready to administer some basic first aid.

Cornering the Market in Nurse Essentials

We've only scraped the surface when it comes to a nurse's everyday tools and equipment -- every item one of those nurse essentials for work and home. For more information about nurses, doctors, and the day-to-day happenings of the healthcare industry, you don't have to go far. Just check out our blog.