Debunked! 6 Biggest Myths About Ear Health

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 27, 2019

Jun 27, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Why do you think we hiccup? We're thirsty or someone's thinking about us? Well, neither. The truth is that a hiccup is an irritation of the stomach lining, which causes the diaphragm to contract. There are many myths and superstitions surrounding us that lead us to believe what we know is the reality of things.

Instead, cultural beliefs have shaped us to see things differently. It showed us how things should be, what society should follow. Leading us astray from the truth.

A broad area such as ear health has led people to believe certain aspects about it. But before you decide to clean your ears again, read about the most prominent rumors swirling around it.

Six Myths About Ear Health

Superstitions about the health of our ears only try to explain the social and psychological aspects of why things are done the way they are. Being far from the truth, some of these beliefs could actually harm your ears, causing irreversible damage.

So before you use that q-tip again, take a look at these six ear-related myths and how to keep your ears healthy.

1. Remove Wax from Your Ears Regularly

A common myth believed by many to be true is the issue of cleaning off wax regularly. Bathing daily doesn't mean we should clean the ears as much. This is because ear wax is more beneficial than harmful.

Earwax is a lubricant for the ears used to protect dust and dirt from entering the ears from the environment. Besides that, it also helps clean the ears and carry away excess dirt from the ears.

This wax is also vital for the ears as it allows for health monitoring. In that, the color of your ear wax is an excellent indicator of your health. A good example is dark brown wax indicates bleeding in the ears. Learn more.

Myths have led us to believe that if we clean our ears regularly, we are hygienic. But instead, it only dries out our ears, leaving them itchy and more susceptible to infections.

2. It's Recommended to Use Cotton Swabs and Q-tips

Another great myth is the use of q- tips to clean the ears. The ears are very delicate organs with the brain situated in between. As so, it's essential to learn how to clean the ears safely. Using a q-tip can be rough on the skin, causing excess dryness and direct impact to the ear canals.

On the other hand, the cotton swabs can cause one to perforated the eardrums which are located less than three centimeters from the ear canals. That can lead to severe ear damage.

Doctors recommend cleaning the exterior of the ears, nowhere close to the canal as the risk to your ear health increases the further you clean.

Specialists such as these ENT specialists, can help clean your ears in case you feel uncomfortable with your ears or if you experience cerumen buildup.

3. Pain in the Ears is an Automatic Ear Infection

One is advised not to believe that all pain in the ears is from an ear infection. Earaches can erupt from anywhere, including a minor respiratory infection like the flu.

Although both an earache and an ear infection have inflamed ears as a symptom, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's an infection. Severe signs like buildup of fluid in the ear, dark coloured wax, drainage or persistent pain could be early symptoms of infections.

Either way, one is advised to be cautious about ear health as it relates very closely to respiratory problems like nasal congestion, among others.

4. Loss of Hearing is Common as You Age

While that statement is true to some extent, it doesn't rule out the fact that anyone is susceptible to hearing loss even in early ages. A common condition called Earwax impaction is one of the significant causes of loss hearing.

A build-up of wax is usually best removed by specialists who use three ways most suitable to your state.
● Cleaning solution to flush out the wax from ears.
● Using medical instruments to remove the excess wax, manually.
● Use of ear drops to lighten or soften the wax. Leaving it to ooze out effortlessly.

Doctors strongly advise removing the wax at a hospital rather than at home to avoid damage to the ear canals. They also encourage people to observe safety tips to reduce wax build up and maintain healthy ears.

5. Ringing in the Ears is the Key to Your Marriage Partner

A popular cultural belief is that if your ears are ringing when you're with a certain man, he could be your future husband. The myth goes further to explain that if you say the alphabetical letters, whichever letter causes ringing in your ears is the first letter to your husband's name.

That seems quite absurd when you learn the real reason behind ringing in the ears. It's a medical condition known as Tinnitus. A minor issue is seen to be an underlying problem to a significant ear infection.

Experienced by 20% of people, the ringing could be caused by exposure to loud music for an extended period, loss of hearing, ear infection or a disorder in the circulatory system. It's a matter to be taken seriously and one that needs medical attention.

6. Ear Health isn't Important to the Body

The health of the ears is seen to be a minor factor to the body's general health. A sideline compared to other areas of the body. But in fact, the role of good hearing is much more important than we know.

A healthy ear canal translates to proper ear health, which in turn offers good hearing. This is essential as it gives us an improvement in the quality of life and balance in the body.

Statistics gathered by the American Medical Association show that in every five children, one of them experiences hearing loss. That is just for those aged between twelve and nineteen. The world health organization goes further to state that over one billion youth population in the USA, are at the risk of hearing problem.

Attributed to insecure technical devices like ear plugs and exposure to a noisy environment. Ear infections and hearing loss have become a prevalent issue which should be looked at. This, therefore, rules out the myth that ear health isn't a significant deal to the body.

Take Charge of Your Ears

Reading the above article, you learn about all the myths and superstitions surrounding us about ear health. Why the cotton swabs are actually unsafe to use for the ears. Why you're advised to embrace ear wax. And why it's essential to visit the doctor regularly for checkups.

Our ears play a major role in the body and because of that, keeping them safe and protected should be one of your health goals. Bookmark our website to learn more about our health.