5 Surprising Benefits of Caring for Parents When They're Old

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 21, 2019

Jun 21, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

According to the Population Reference Bureau, there are currently 46 million Americans age 65 and older. That's a lot of grandmas and grandpas out there!

Caring for parents might seem stressful and time-consuming. However, these benefits of caring for aging parents can make it all worth it.

Experience these benefits for yourself as you take care of your older loved ones!

1. Family Bonding

Sometimes, family members become estranged as the years pass by. It's easy to get caught up in our own lives, careers, and building our own families. 

Taking care of aging parents gives us the opportunity to bring a family together again. 

As you're caring for parents who need a little extra help, they can take care of your children, too. This allows family bonding to come full circle. It also ensures your children have memories of their grandparents, even as they grow older. 

That's not always something you can give them later in life. 

2. Extends Lifespans

According to the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy is 72 years.

However, you can extend this average. As you're caring for elderly grandparents, you also have the opportunity to lead by example. 

This includes boosting their physical health and mental wellbeing. You can start a diet together and help one another stick to the plan. You can also exercise a little every day as a team.

If you're not into a daily walk, check for more fun senior activities to do with your parents.

That way, you're bonding, taking care of one another, and enforcing healthy habits.

3. Increases Empathy

It's difficult to recognize just what your parents are going through when they're not a part of your daily life. 

Caring for parents when they're older can increase your empathy. Then, you'll have a firsthand view of the health and financial problems they're experiencing. 

Your parent might downplay their worries as well. When you're a part of their caretaking, you can see and evaluate the problems yourself. That way, you're never out of the loop. 

4. Saves Money

Some elderly parents need professional care. However, caring for parents on your own at any capacity can also feel rewarding.

Helping with their caretaking can help you and your parent save money, too. Instead of a full-time senior living facility, you can offer to help with minor chores and errands. 

That way, your parent is saving money as you're spending time with them. 

5. Sense of Purpose

Taking care of aging parents can also give you a sense of purpose. 

Many jobs don't give us that sense of satisfaction. As a family caregiver, however, you're working to improve your parents' quality of life. This has a major impact on families and can present you with the sense of purpose you need in life. 

Sharing (the Love) is Caring: 5 Benefits of Caring for Parents

With these five benefits of caring for parents, you no longer have to consider it a burden. Instead, you can share the love, bond with your elders, and discover a new sense of purpose. 

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