Effects of Biotin on Weight Loss

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 21, 2019

Jun 21, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Approximately 50 percent of all Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time. Due to an array of factors that can affect your weight, it’s often difficult to determine what you should change, give up, or add to your diet to help you achieve your goals.

While some people cut carbs, others add supplements and energy drinks to their daily routine. One factor that’s often overlooked, however, is biotin. For some people, it’s possible to add biotin for weight loss and achieve success.

Keep reading to learning about how biotin affects weight loss here. You can also learn about some of the other benefits offered by biotin here.

What is Biotin?

Before diving into the effects of biotin on weight loss, it’s a good idea to find out what it is.

Biotin is better known as vitamin H. It’s a part of the complex B vitamins. In addition to helping metabolize fats in your body, along with carbohydrates, biotin as also been linked for improving the health of your hair and maintaining the proper function of your nervous system.

It’s very uncommon to have a biotin deficiency. However, people with liver or Chron’s disease, pregnant women, alcoholics, and chronic smokers, along with people eating a diet full of processed foods can develop this problem.

Some of the symptoms of this deficiency include dry eyes, hair loss, depression, scaly skin, and cracking on the sides of the mouth. If you have any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to have a test done to see if this is the case.

Dietary Recommendations of Biotin

People who are healthy and who eat a well-balanced diet won’t be subjected to a biotin deficiency. People who take certain types of medications, smokers and people who eat a lot of raw eggs are at a higher risk of developing a biotin deficiency.

Some genetic conditions may also reduce a person’s ability to absorb the dietary biotin; however, this problem is usually detected earlier in life. Adults require 30 micrograms of biotin each day.

The good news is, biotin can be found in several foods. This includes things like cooked eggs, vegetables, fruits, pork, fish, nuts, and whole-wheat bread.

Your Metabolism and Biotin

As you know, your body is going to turn excess calories into fat. The initial step in this process uses an enzyme that contains biotin. The official name of this enzyme is ACC or acetyl-CoA carboxylase.

Reduced ACC enzyme activity can result in the decreased synthesis of fat for storage as a triglyceride and a larger use of fat as a source of energy. Biotin is also required by the enzymes responsible for breaking down amino acids.

There’s another enzyme that requires biotin. This one makes new glucose for maintaining blood sugar levels when you need more energy but don’t have enough dietary carbohydrates available.

While biotin isn’t going to work as a diet pill, it can be a substance that supports weight loss.  To achieve the best results, it’s crucial to pair the supplement with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Additional Benefits of Biotin

In addition to having the potential to help with weight loss, biotin offers an array of other benefits, too. Some of these are found here.

Strengthen the Nails and Hair

While there’s not a lot of research related to biotin’s ability to aid hair growth, there is evidence that a deficiency of biotin can lead to hair loss. Also, the vitamin may help to thicken nail cuticles and to prevent breakage.

There are several hair care companies that now include biotin in their products. However, to achieve maximum results, you need to consume biotin orally.

Improve Skin Health

Biotin deficiencies can lead to all sorts of problems (as mentioned above). After all, B vitamins play a crucial role in the function of your nervous system and can even impact hormone function. This means if biotin levels are depleted, it can have a negative impact on skin health.

If you fail to nourish your skin from the inside out, then toxicities are going to form in the nervous system. This is going to be manifested on the surface of the skin.

Reduces Cholesterol

Biotin also helps to reduce LDL levels (bad cholesterol). If LDL gets too high, it can cause a stroke or heart disease. It has been shown that raw egg whites may inhibit your body’s ability to absorb biotin.

This means if you regularly drink raw eggs or if you eat raw eggs in your food, it may reduce the amount of biotin your body can metabolize.

Regulate Your Blood Sugar

If you pair chromium and biotin, it’s possible to reduce your glucose levels. This combination can help to improve the glycemic control for obese and overweight individuals who have type 2 diabetes. A deficiency of biotin has been linked to the reduced utilization of glucose and impaired glucose tolerance.

Biotin for Weight Loss: Now You Know 

If you believe you are suffering from a deficiency of biotin, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor or to take a supplement to help improve this problem. Because this is found in an array of foods, most people can meet daily requirements by eating a balanced, nutritious diet.

Are you interested in learning more about biotin for weight loss? If so, we have information for you.

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