7 of the Best Supplements for Women's Health You Should be Taking

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 21, 2019

Jun 21, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Women are different than men. Like, way different. In most ways, they're better too. But that's for a different discussion. 

Since women are different than men, it's natural that they would have different nutritional needs. 

What supplements should you start taking? Read on to find out the seven best supplements for women's health. 


Probiotics are great if you're having digestion issues. They are also great if it's that time of the month. They may not cure you while you're on your period, but they will certainly help restore things back to normal when you're off it. 

Probiotics are also very helpful while coming off of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as bad. Restoring good gut bacteria can prevent diarrhea. 


If you're opposed to dairy, you'll need a legitimate source of calcium. That can be very difficult without taking it as a supplement. You can bolster your calcium intake by eating salmon, drinking soy milk, or eating sardines. 1,000 mg of calcium through sardines? No thank you. 

500 mg of calcium through grilled salmon after a 500 mg pill? You can handle that. 


Do you know how you hate stringy hair and flimsy nails? Biotin is your solution. Biotin can fortify and thicken your hair. It can also provide nail strength and promote nail growth. It sounds like a woman's best friend. 


Keep your skin silky and crack free with collagen. Who wants to spend all of that money and time on botox when there's a hassle-free alternative? The best collagen supplements of 2019 are taken orally and your skin will break it down into its fundamental components. No more wrinkles!


Don't you want to take on the day like the strong, sexy woman that you are? You can't do that if you're always lethargic. B12 will have you springing out of bed, frolicking in the meadows, and making the big business deals.

You'll be strutting your stuff in that pencil skirt during the day, getting your sweat on after work at the gym, and still have time for a few margaritas to boot!

You're an achiever, you need the energy to go with it. 

Vitamin D 

Let's face it, it doesn't matter whether you're always with the kids, or always locked in an office, sometimes you just don't get enough sun. Who wants to suffer from bone stiffness and fatigue?

You don't have to. Vitamin D is made easy when you can have a pill for back up. 


You know how much you love the sun. That's perfectly fine. But you have to take care of your skin and that can be difficult. Heliocare contains polypodium leucotomos, which are antioxidants proven to reduce the skin's inflammatory response to the sun.

You don't want to forego using sunscreen, but it's nice to know that there's additional protection out there. Keep that body tan, but do so safely. 

The Best Supplements for Women's Health Should Be in Addition to a Good Diet 

If you're a woman, you've probably been told that supplements can take the place of a healthy diet. Why eat broccoli if you can just take diet pills? 

Diet should be the foundation of health. That's why they call them supplements. They should supplement a good diet and healthy lifestyles.

Nonetheless, the best supplements for women's health will have you feeling great in no time!