8 Benefits of Joining an Assisted Living Program

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 21, 2019

Jun 21, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

There are more than 47 million seniors in the US alone. At present, about 1 million seniors depend on the assisted living program. With advancements in healthcare and the benefits of the assisted living program, this number is expected to increase by the year 2030.

Today’s seniors are also health conscious and active. This means by the year 2040, the number of seniors is expected to double or triple.  

Often, at one point seniors will need help with personal care at home. There are times when this care can be provided in a nursing home.

However, with an assisted living arrangement, seniors can enjoy a more fulfilling life. The facilities offering assisted living programs are tailor-made to offer more independence to all seniors. This is particularly important when it comes to the quality of a senior’s social life.  

Quality health care is a perfect example of how an assisted living program can significantly improve the quality of life for seniors. Learn about the various benefits in this article.

1. A Safer Home for seniors

Seniors are prone to accidents. This is why most families would go the extra mile to hire caregivers for seniors.

Some families make home improvements to enhance safety within. From automatic wheelchairs to medical alert systems, these modifications can be costly in the end. However, joining an assisted living program allows seniors to be part of a safer home.

Facilities offering the services are equipped with modern systems to keep seniors free of accidents. Furthermore, the facilities have professional caregivers and medics who provide on-time medical help.

This is to ensure seniors have peace of mind, are safe and can access medical help round the clock.

2. Physical Health Programs

Seniors need to stay active. Assisted living facilities provide quality physical health programs including fitness options.

These programs are carefully designed to match the specific needs of seniors. This includes programs that cater to those with medical conditions.

Being part of a program, therefore, helps you to stay active in a healthy way. This goes what beyond what a senior would receive from a caregiver at home. What’s more, seniors work out in groups and this makes the life in an assisted living facility more enjoyable.

3. Assisted Living Program Offers Unique Care

Seniors can enjoy unique and different levels of care by joining an assisted living program. Some facilities offer residential programs or approach while there are those that offer professional nursing care.

You can enjoy custom personal care services depending on your age, financial ability, and personal needs.

There are also facilities that care for seniors with critical health conditions. Seniors enjoy age-friendly professional healthcare.

Every service is expertly designed to coordinate, meet the preference and values of seniors.

At the facilities:

  • Experts understand what matters to seniors in regards to healthcare
  • Caregivers provide timely medical assistance
  • Doctors review and address medical conditions such as depression, delirium, and dementia
  • Experts promote senior mobility and
  • Educational activities

It is, however, important to note that the assisted living program uses differ from state to state. There are those designed to provide critical health care and those that are designed for seniors who require little help.

The services offered and living arrangements in the facilities also differ. Read more here before you settle for a facility and ensure it offers the kind of care that serves you best.

4. Room for Socialization

The other reason for joining an assisted living program is because of socialization.

Research shows that social isolation and loneliness can lead to health issues. This includes depression and physical ailments. At an assisted living facility, seniors can engage in an array of activities with peers.

Experts at the facility always design cultural, social and physical activities to enhance the health of seniors.

In other facilities, seniors stay in private rooms. This allows you to enjoy custom care. You can choose a unique level of social interaction. Such a service makes your stay at the facility enjoyable.

5. Skilled Help with Daily Living Activities

Garden or yard work, housekeeping, and dog walks are some of the activities that seniors love. However, these can be a burden and a safety risk.

Having the freedom to walk a dog with a professional is enjoyable for a senior. This is why assisted living facilities provide expert services to make the life of seniors more exciting. Such activities enhance the quality of life by making every activity simple and safe.

6. Quality Dining Services

Making sure a senior eats well at home can be a daunting task. In assisted living facilities, seniors are well taken care of. Healthy dining options are designed by nutritionists and the food is prepared by professionals.

This is to enhance the general wellbeing and health of a senior. In most cases, a senior whose health is deteriorating at home can benefit from healthy and special dining options at an assisted living facility.

Seniors who experience difficulty feeding can be fed. Those suffering from conditions that require special meals can enjoy food tailored to promote healing. Therefore assisted living programs are good because a senior is well fed regardless of age and health condition.

7. Pets Can Come

With improved pet policies, there are assisted living communities that allow in pets. Therefore, if you are a pet lover, you can inquire if a Fido can come.

Most facilities allow in certain breeds and with specific age and weight limits. With thorough research, you can identify an ideal facility for you. The best facilities have pet coordinators for your pet.

8. Affordable Care for Senior Citizens

Compared to home health caregiving, the assisted living program is cheaper. Generally, the charges in an assisted living facility include the basic services offered and the living arrangement.

Since the facilities differ, you can research and get a facility that fits your budget. The facilities are equipped, and you do not have to purchase wheelchairs and other essentials.

The availability of insurance is also one of the reasons to join an assisted living program. Seniors can get insurance to cater for long term health care needs at an assisted living community. This means affordable healthcare services even for seniors with low income.

Find the Best-Assisted Living Program Facility

The assisted living program creates a secure, safe and great environment for seniors. It offers amazing benefits. However, before settling for one, consider seniors personal preferences and long term health care needs to find the right facility.

To help make your decision easier, take a look around our site for more resources and information.