How to Land a Job Working in Home Health Care

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 7, 2019

May 7, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

There are over 61 million American adults living with a disability and that number continues to climb each year.

More than 10 000 Americans reach the age of 65 every day. They have more than 70% chance of needing some kind of assistance as they age. The demand for health care workers for the aging population rises every day. 

A career in Home Health Care can be personally fulfilling while offering a sense of job security as the need for good care providers increases. If you want to land a job in home health care than this is the article for you!

Keep reading for tips on getting the perfect job in home health care for you.

Choose a Path in Home Health Care

There are many different support team members needed to fulfill the needs of each client. Each position has its own skill set and responsibilities. This means there are options available. You can find the right position for your personality, career goals, and training.

There are different paths you can take to entering a career in home health care. You may decide to work for an agency, provide care to private clients. You can often find open positions on job boards, through community bulletin boards or ads online or in the paper seeking help. 

Companion/Support Workers

Many clients don't require a lot of medical support, they just need a helping hand and some companionship. More than one-third of older adults experience loneliness or depression. 

Some need help with errands, getting to appointments and other activities in the community. Other clients are isolated due to life circumstances. They need someone to check on them and socialize with on a regular basis.

Activities of daily living may be difficult for someone with mobility and health concerns so a trained support worker may be required to help with bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping, medication reminders and more. These duties are often performed by a personal support worker, healthcare aid or licensed nursing assistant.

Regulated and Skilled Home Health Care Staff

Each client may have a different team to provide the best care for their needs. These teams may include:

  • Visiting nurses,
  • Physical and occupational therapists,
  • Physicians,
  • Dieticians,
  • Social workers,

Support staff along with the other skilled team members help care for the physical and emotional needs of each client by developing and following an individual care plan.

Finding Your Passion

A career in home health care can be a rewarding and challenging path that allows you to provide the necessities of life and assist with activities of daily living for those with challenges that make mobility and personal care difficult.

If you are looking for a new career in health care you'll want to do a little research about the job responsibilities and the position you're applying for. If you are looking to work for an agency or home care company it is always a good idea to find out as much as you can about the mission and vision of the business you're hoping to work for.

Talk to others who work in the field to learn the positive and negative aspects of the career you want to pursue. This will help you decide which path you want to take and to be prepared for the good and the bad of the job.

Education, Training, and Skills

No one walks into a new job in health care without some level of training or higher education. The amount of education needed depends on the level of care you want to provide.

Whether you are a client companion who gets training from the client's family about the preferences of their loved one, or a physician providing care after years of medical school the care you give is essential to the health and wellness of clients.

Find out what education or training is expected by the company, agency or client you are hoping to work for. Most health care positions will require First Aid and CPR so you can better prepare for the job by ensuring you have the level of training employers are looking for.

Accentuate the Positive

When you want to land the perfect home health care job you need to market yourself to the powers that be. Whether it is a client's family or the CEO of an international company you need to convey to them why you're the best person for the job. 

You may want to take workshops, courses, and programs to provide you with ideas to provide the best care and socialization as possible. Clients may need help managing health issues such as diabetes or dealing with cognitive issues that require supervision or assistance with daily life.

Showing that you have skills and personality traits that set you apart from the competition is going to be essential during the application and interview process. 

You can do this by having a well organized and professional resume that lists your skills and any training such as the Dementia, Delirium and Depression courses offered by online healthcare modules on MOOC education platforms.

Demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for providing top-notch care by developing ways to improve the quality of life for your clients. This may include developing exercises for seniors with mobility issues.

Take Initiative

If you want to land the perfect job then you need to take initiative before you even walk into the interview. Prepare answers to concerns or questions employers and clients may have about the care you'll provide.

Presenting your skills and ideas in a professional and polished manner will help you impress your potential boss and make it easier for you to do well in the interview and hiring process.

Have your resume, references, care plan ideas, education and other relevant information available for them to see. You could create a portfolio page about yourself and the care you provide for clients. 

If you've developed or successfully implemented exercises, programs and activities to improve the quality of life for your clients be sure to have your clients check it out.

The more they know about your creativity, flexibility, knowledge, commitment, and dedication to providing the best care will help you get the job you want. 

The importance of empathy in Healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Compassion and empathy are critical in patients and their families feeling safe, comfortable, respected and truly cared about. 

Be Professional, Polite and Respectful

The biggest things you can do to land your perfect job in Home Health Care are to be professional, be polite and always show respect to the client, family, and situation. 

If you're ready to find the perfect home health care position for you check out our job board today.